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Discover comprehensive general practice veterinary care to address every aspect of your pet’s well-being – be it behavioural, physical, or emotional needs.

Explore an extensive array of wellness programs, advanced diagnostics, specialised treatments, surgical expertise, and an array of other services designed to ensure your pet receives the utmost care and attention.

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Preventative Care

At Central New Farm, we believe preventative care is critical to your pet’s health and well-being. We recommend regular health checks to ensure early detection, treatment and prevention of illness and disease.

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Wellbeing Care

We provide a range of behavioural, nutritional and grooming options from hydro baths to full grooms and nail clipping for your pet’s wellbeing.

Central New Farm Vet Surgery

Surgery & Dentistry

From elective procedures such as desexing to more complex surgeries and emergency procedures, our facilities are equipped to handle various surgical needs.

Additionally, from routine teeth cleanings to more advanced dental procedures, we prioritise effective care to alleviate pain, prevent disease progression, and improve your pet’s overall health.

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We offer a range of diagnostic services including radiology, ultrasonography, and onsite pathology. We have advanced digital x-ray technology and high-quality medical equipment so that you are armed with the knowledge and know-how to make the best decisions for your animal.

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Puppy Preschool

Puppy preschool is an integral part of supporting your new family member to be the best canine citizen they can be! Our in-clinic trainers will support you in some key areas of puppy behaviour, in addition to working with you to set the foundations of a long and rewarding relationship with your dog. 

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Pain & Pallative Care

Our team of experienced veterinarians can work with you on a palliative care solution, utilising a holistic approach that combines pain management techniques, personalised end of life care, and emotional support.

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